Liberation Day - (A Conversation With Gbenga Akinnagbe)

Summer 2014 we had the pleasure of working along side Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire) and Liberated People:


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‘Skool Assembly’ - The meaning behind this was inspired by our primary and secondary school assembly experiences. School assembly’s were always intense and added a vibrant start to the day. At most every assembly had a local relevant message and involved music or singing. We have taken that concept and brought it back to life in a Blackmale Beats form. ~ Blackmale Beats.

Covering topics such as, British Hip-Hop (past/present/future), Marginalisation, community, culture, creativity, south London plus more. Breaking through with a soulful British twist accompanied with sound bites from programs such as The Real McCoy, Grange Hill, Only Fools And Horses, and Ali G. 

Track List

1. The Soul Show - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {36sec}

2. Space Fun - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {2.08}

3. NEETS Not In Education Employment Or Training - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {3.43}

4. Who’s Got Your Mind - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {6.45}

5. Just Be Thankful - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {8.27}

6. This Is My Home .Feat PheonixDaFire,JTheEx, Donna Hines & Alim Kamara - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {15.23}

7. Say No To Burger Sauce .Feat Art Daley - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {18.19}

8. Blak Twang Speaks/Classic Moments .Feat Blak Twang - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {22.19}

9. Ghetto Yute - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {27.57}

10. Roots & Culture .Feat Levi Roots - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {29.11}

11.Warrior Song - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) *Exclusive* {33.00}

12. Bitch Move - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats)  {36.32)

13. Vow To Love. Feat Jaye Parson  - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {37.20}

14. Eton College Gangsters - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {39.37}

15. Special Vide - Midas Touch - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {41.17}

16. Be Something .Feat Deuan German Of CEN Networks & The Kids - (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {43.22}

Enjoy :-)

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A Few Pics From Our AACDD Exhibition. 17-21st Sep 2014

Much Love To Everyone That Passed Through To Support & Show Love

African And Caribbean Design Diaspora - Show Your Face - Nod Your Head!!!

Be There: Bargehouse Oxo Tower - 18th-21st Sep 2014

Catch Us At The African And Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival This Week 18th/21st Sep 2014.

We Will Be Exhibiting Some Of Our Most Recent Visuals At The AACDD Festival This Year. Be Sure To Swing By Good People.

We Will Be Exhibiting Some Of Our Most Recent Visuals At The AACDD Festival This Year. Be Sure To Swing By Good People.

Respect To Our Brother @Armah83 @re3eliam For Printing Us Some Tote Bags & Tshirt Samples - The Reggae Pack. #ReggaePack #Reggae #Logo #PeopleKnowTheFist #Design #Art #PanAfrican

The “Black Thunder” Sound System Designed For Blackmale Beats By @JamesPetith Pic By @jyklikeitalot Launched At @Tatecollectives #SoundInstallation #tbt #ThrowBlackThursdays (at Tate Britain)

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Listen To The Interview Here -